Ytterbius (ytterbius) wrote in letters_to_gov,

A new letter. :)

Dear Senator Cantwell,

This is a short note to let you know my stance on any Energy Bill to become law under this Administration.


It must not happen. Only from a properly balanced position could such a bill have long-term positive affects in the areas where affects will be felt. A balance must be sought between the interests of business AND consumers, along with environmental impact, national security, and long term energy source stability.

No Bush bill will come close to achieving such a balanced impact. Much better that the bill be passed incrementally as a series of smaller bills. There should be no reason that the benefits of power infrastructure investment needs to be attached to such a debatable program such as ANWR, or unregulated (and more importantly, unstudied) hydraulic fracturing legalization (see ). There should be no reason that development of cutting edge renewable energy technologies should be attached to tens of Billions of dollars of subsidies to old technology, and old, already successful companies.

Thanks in advance for a strong stance on this,
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